Our Story

AquaFlauge was born when two great friends that grew up together on the water were fed up with looking for apparel that was both lightweight and functional. They wanted something that not only protected them from the sun but also had style. One hot summer day while fishing the blue waters of Islamorada they finally had it and decided to make something better for their outdoor adventures. Little did they know that AquaFlauge was not just the name they came up with that day, but would turn into a lifestyle brand that resinated with all outdoorsmen and women. From the California surf to the Florida Keys we’ve done it all and our skin has paid the price. AquaFlauge is the solution to looking good, feeling good and protecting yourself from the elements with the latest advancements in comfort, performance and style. Get outside and join us in our journey.


Our Mission

We value the gift of life and try and spend every moment living rather than being. To us life doesn’t happen behind the lens of a camera or mobile phone but rather in front of it. Next time you see something amazing, (an indescribable sunset, a whale breaching the surface of the water or the mist rising off a lake at dawn) don’t rush to grab your camera to capture the moment but rather live in that moment. For that is where we find the true AquaFlauge. Back to our Mission…. We strive to bring you the highest performance apparel, with the best fit, and the coolest designs to make YOUR life more enjoyable. We’re here for you!

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